Best cleaning solution for your business need.

We are one of the top commercial cleaning services focusing especially on Dubai market.
With more than 5 years in the Cleaning Services Market we have become the primary commercial cleaning solution for many businesses and SMEs in Dubai.

Our service includes:

Office Cleaning

Schools/University Cleaning Services

Medical Cleaning Services

Sports/Leisure Cleaning Services

Hospitality Cleaning Services

Retail Cleaning Services

Professionalism is something we take to heart here at Pretty Home, and it’s under this same principle that we provide our services.

Our staff has been rigorously trained to ensure their expertise and knowledge are up to par with the highest industry standards. We practice trusted and proven methods that not only result in a clean office, but a properly sanitised workspace as well.


Our comprehensive services for office cleaning in Sharjah and Dubai include the following:


Surface sanitation – for preventing the spread of germs, dirt, and diseases in the work area.


Window cleaning – we will wipe and clear your windows for a better working environment.


Construction area cleaning – includes clean-ups for newly constructed building and offices


Office carpet cleaning – from floor sweeping to deep vacuuming, we will make your office


Carpet crumb and dirt free.


Furniture and curtains cleaning – accommodate your guests with clean furniture and upholstery, for a strong first impression